Crypto mining hosting in Kuwait

Kuwait has been found the most affordable country in terms of the cost of electricity to mine Bitcoin and crypto mining in general. Kuwait ownes large amounts of oil and gas, and the government is heavily subsidizing electricity prices. Another benefit for the crypto mining industry in Kuwait is that import duties are realtively low at 5%, making it a more attractive location than other regions with higher importing taxes.

Our Bitcoin Mining Operations in Kuwait

Get to know more about our air-cooled crypto mining and Bitcoin mining hosting operations in Kuwait.
We offer as well hydro-mining slots ideal for retail at very affordable prices, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Air-cooled operations

Hydro operations

Crypto Mining Hosting in Kuwait

Datacenter KW2


Capacity: 5MW (expandable if needed).
Energy Source: Grid
Electricity price Air-Cooled: $0.068 kWh
Electricity price Hydro-cooled $0.080 kWh
MOQ: 1u
Co-managed mining*: +$0.002 kWh
Deposit: 1 month deposit, 1 months cycle consumption in advance
Contract term: 24 months initial term
Cooling type: Air Cooling, Hydro
Miner’s type: ASICs only.
Security: Private area, alarm and video surveillance 24/7
Insurance**: Contact us
Comments: Possibility to import miners from any country subject to import taxes (5%).

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* Co-managed mining is a service we provide to simplify the mining experience, so that you can mine in full autopilot. We will gather your Crypto mining revenues through the billing cycle, automatically pay the operational costs, and send you the profits at the end of the cycle. It couldn't be easier.

** Insurance might be available in some Datacenters when you host miners with us at additional price. The insurance will cover repair costs or up to 95% refund of miner's market price in case of damages due to floods, power peaks, fire, theft among other causes.