Bitcoin mining for everyone
Buy and operate your miners through our network of clean energy hosting facilities.
Maximise your ROI with our Free Zone locations, optimising taxes and duties.
Crypto mining solutions for all sizes, from a single miner to >10MW operations.

Mining Bitcoin has never been easier

 Watch our short intro video to know more about us. Our aim is to offer accessible Bitcoin mining for everyone breaking all technical or physical barriers.

How it works?

Choose your miner1. Choose your miner

Choose the mining investment that fits best. Use our calculator to estimate the 5 year return plan on each of the latest generation Bitcoin miners and simulate your net profits using different strategies.

Buy a miner2. Buy in our Store

Buy a miner and choose the hosting facility to operate it. Alternatively, we can ship to your address. You can pay in EUR, USD or benefit of a 2% discount paying crypto.  If you already have miner(s) and want us to host it, contact us.

Wait for shipment3. Wait for shipment

Transit takes 2-3 weeks to receive the Bitcoin miner. Upon arrival, we do a first inspection, install it and set up everything for you. We may offer as well pre-installed or in-stock miners which are thus without transit time. Check in our Store.

Mine in our datacenter4. Mine in our Datacenter

Your miner is operated in one of our partner's hosting facility with full transparency, including all regular monitoring and maintenance activities. You have live access to a Watcher-Link to track your miner(s) performance anytime through web or (coming soon) our mobile app.

Get paid in Bitcoin5. Get paid in Bitcoin

Receive your Bitcoins directly to your wallet or (coming soon) our mobile app. We offer plans to pay the mining costs either automatically or by monthly invoicing. Exchange your profits to USD/EUR anytime using our exchange service, and (coming soon) our Debit Card.

Receive or sell your miner6. Receive or sell your miner

At contract termination you can decide: either you receive your Bitcoin miner to any address or we can help you sell it; you will receive either an offer from us or we will post it for sale in our Store.

Estimate your profits

This simple calculator provides indicative results only, check our advanced Calculator to obtain more accurate results and a comparison across different miners.
In case of discrepancies, the results on the latter should prevail.


The Mining Future has a reliable teamReliability

We are a reliable and well-experienced staff of investors and engineers passionate about crypto mining. All new and 2nd hand miners are procured from high quality suppliers, always offering warranty period. Additionally, we act as a brokers to offer hosting services only through high reputation partners managing mid and large scale mining operations.

We only source renewable energy to our datacenters

Green Energy

Who said mining Bitcoin was not environmentally friendly? We aim to be part of the new paradigm shift and mine Bitcoin by using only renewable energy sources. All our Hosting Partners have signed long term contracts to supply clean energy from 100% sustainable sources, and thus your miner(s) will always operate fully sustainably.

The customers will always remain in controlYou Keep Control

Choose to have full control of the pool and remote access to your miners, or delegate all management to us and mine in autopilot, either way we got you covered. Additionally, you can choose to mine other SHA-257 coins or have hosted non-Bitcoin crypto miners. At termination, we can send you the miner or help you sell it through our website.

TAX Optimised

Building a better society is also to have a fair tax distribution that allows free markets to function seamlessly. Our Headquarters is located in the Dubai Free Zone, and thus our customers can maximise their ROI doing business through a crypto-friendly jurisdiction with lower tax burdens, In addition, some of our hosting partners are located in other Free Zones, offering additional benefits.

Our Mission

The Mining Future is a company registered in Dubai which specialises in Bitcoin Mining Operations. In addition to the core mining operational business, we have launched a program to expand our social mission in democratising Bitcoin Mining to everybody by leveraging our know-how and strategic position in the industry, having access through a network of partners with cheap and 100% green energy. And so do you now!

No matter if you are planning to have one miner, or a farm of >10MW, you now can be part of the Bitcoin decentralised network, increase your freedom and individual sovereignty and get paid in Bitcoin from day one. Buy and operate your miners in a crypto-friendly jurisdiction from the comfort of your home has never been easier. We will take care of everything, from equipment installation to daily mining operations to maximise your investment return. 

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