Crypto mining hosting in Angola

We offer access to a mining farm built in the end of 2021 that is located in Huambo Data Center Park, Angola, 20 minutes away from the city center, with convenient transportation and logistics. The total power capacity of the site reaches 20MW with an all-in hosting price of 0.055 USD/KWh. Cheaper rates are available as well with CapEx options. The energy is supplied 100% from an hydroelectrical plant, and the high voltage and network lines are prepared to ensure power stability. There are a total of four workshops on the site, each with 5MW capacity ready to accomodate air cooled ASIC miners. The annual temperature is between 5°C and 25°C, a very suitable for mining operations. The operation and maintenance staff are all working under supervision of experienced Chinese miners.

Crypto Mining Hosting in Huambo, Angola

Datacenter ANG1

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Capacity: 3.5 MW available of 20MW (expandable to additional 10MW if needed).
Energy Source: 100% Renewable (hydro)
Electricity price*: $0.05-0.055 KWh. CapEx available >500 u.
MOQ: 100 u.
Co-managed mining**: +$0.002 kWh
Deposit: 2 months in advance
Contract term: 12 months
Cooling type: Air only.
Miner’s type: ASICs only
Security: Private area, alarm and video surveillance 24/7
Insurance***: Yes
Comments: Possibility to import miners from any country subject to import taxes.

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* Co-managed mining is a service we provide to simplify the mining experience, so that you can mine in full autopilot. We will gather your Crypto mining revenues through the billing cycle, automatically pay the operational costs, and send you the profits at the end of the cycle. It couldn't be easier.

** Insurance might be available in some Datacenters when you host miners with us at additional price. The insurance will cover repair costs or up to 95% refund of miner's market price in case of damages due to floods, power peaks, fire, theft among other causes.